I eventually got tired of having a loud computer in my bedroom, so I moved it into the garage. Main problem was how to extend the DVI signals all the way to my bedroom and home theater. Solution: Gefen's DVI extenders.

Components from the top down:

1.) 3COM 9300 12-port fiber gigabit switch (used off eBay). The house is wired with fiber to every room. In the years before switching to fiber, I've had a few lighting strikes close by frying network cards and switches. So, to prevent that from ever happening again and speeding up the network at the same time, I switched over to fiber since it doesn't conduct electricity.

2.) 3COM 3900 36-port copper switch (used off eBay). For the equipment that can't run on fiber, I still needed a copper switch. Each room is also wired for copper; left over from before switching to fiber. The print servers, xbox, wireless access point, voip adapter, and router run through it.

3.) Hard to see, but it's an APC cat5 surge protection rack. Each cat5 run goes through it.

4.) Sitting on top of the white APC surge protector is a Vonage VOIP adapter and Comcast cable modem.

5.) APC surge protector. Convenient front outlet and I can turn off all the top equipment with teh switch.

6.) Monitor/keyboard/mouse for configuring the computers in the rack. Just visible on the top left of the monitor is a 4-way Belkin KVM switch.

7.) Main computer:

E6600 on an Asus P5WDG2 WS
GeForce 8800GTX
2x Seagate 15K RPM 74GB Cheetah in Raid-1 on LSI 320-2X
5-bay hot-swap SATA cage 1-bay ATA-to-SATA bay

8.) Hard drive array enclosure. Capable of housing 16 3.5" drives. Currently empty, but used to hold 500GB drives for DVD storage. Now, they are used on the main computer with the hot-swap trays whenever they are needed. Stopped using it to save electricity.

9.) Used to be the computer for the hard drive array enclosure right above it. A dual 1.13GHz PIII is in there, but it hasn't been powered in a while. Stopped using it to save electricity.

10.) Linux router running Smoothwall. In my experience, Smoothwall has been much more reliable than off-the-shelf routers (Linksys, D-Link, etc). Much more customizable as well. Right now, it is configured for QoS, timer server, e-mail virus/spam filter, logging, etc.

11.) Powerware 5125 3000VA UPS with two additional battery expansions. Can power the entire rack for a few hours, but is configured to shut-down the main computer after 15 minutes and power down the remaining equipment right afterwards.