Just some quick pics of our current home theater setup. It's a 4:3 102" wide screen with movable upper and lower black masking bars. The bars a tied together with a pulley system so that moving one up/down moves the other in the opposite direction by the same amount. In the future, I plan to motorize and remote control it.

The front three speakers were also a DIY project form scratch with a little crossover help from the guys at Madisound. I am especially proud of the center channel because of its cool shape. Making the enclosure for the center took as long as both the left and right speakers combined due to it's non-boxy shape. Other than the shape, the three speakers are identical.

The first picture also shows two protoype amplifiers that are currently powering the front left and right channels.

The last picture shows the two projectors. The rear projector is a Sony VPL-HS10 (1366x768) that is only good for material up to 720P, perfect for the Wii and other old consoles. The front projector is a Mitsubishi HC-4900 (1920x1080), perfect for HDTV, HD-DVDs, basically anything.

My camera doesn't do justice with the Google screenshot. That is actually the HC-4900 at 1920x1080 driven by my computer via DVI. It is very sharp and crisp in real life.

Other major components are two separate 15" subwoofers powered by a 1500watt amplifier and an Onkyo TX-SR805 receiver. DVD's and HD-DVD's are played through my main computer via DVI at 1920x1080 and HDTV comes via HDMI from a Samsung tuner.